At COURTSEA Pty Ltd, we are local specialists at using horizontal directional drilling for Territory projects.

COURTSEA is a leading provider in the installation and maintenance of all areas including under rivers, roads and rails. We are hard rock drilling specialists, accredited underground asset locators, fire optic installers and specialists in copper cable jointing and traffic management.

Our experienced and professional project managers are invaluable to our company. They have the knowledge and expertise of the geologic challenges of our unique Territory landscape to complete every project. Our people are experts in every aspect of horizontal directional drilling, excavation, safety and environmental hazards, and will ensure every project meets environment and safety regulations.

Starting off from a small, family owned and operated company, COURTSEA has developed to become leading industry experts who can quickly analyse a project and provide fast, efficient solutions.

Common Questions

What is horizontal directional drilling
Horizontal directional drilling allows for utility installations including water, gas, electric, comms, sewer, without the visual disruption associated with open cut trenches across roads, highways, paths, driveways.
How far can you drill?
Over 600 meters depending on the soil.
How many conduits can you install in one bore?
Up to 20 conduits can be installed.
What types drilling do you do?
Directional drilling, conventional drilling/bed borer, Ditchwitch all terrain 30x20, D80x100 Vermeer, 36x50 Vermeer, all machines drilling into the hardest rock and the softest soil. Under road boring installations of all conduits.


COURTSEA is committed to providing a high quality, efficient and reliable service to our clients. We thrive on finding innovative solutions to meet the challenges that discourage other contractors.

As Territorians, we live in the community we work in and understand the importance of safety for our people and our environment. At COURTSEA, we comply with the following standards:

Occupational Health and Safety Management System:

Environmental Management System

Quality Management System

At COURTSEA we work hard to maintain our reputation for great service, attention to detail, adherence to safety and successful completion on time and within budget for all our contracts.


The environment in the Territory is unique. We understand that the projects that we work on can have a major impact on our environment and we therefore ensure our involvement with the projects complies with the strictest of environmental standards.

We assess the impact of our projects starting from the design phase right through to project completion. This is outlined in the Environmental Policy Statement that we create for every project. We also incorporate our client’s environmental standards and practices for each project.