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Directional Drilling Darwin

At Courtsea, we undertake a range of services for the industrial and civil sectors.

Our team takes the time to assess project safety and all risks involved. We pay particular attention to the environmental and financial risks and will implement the appropriate procedures to provide a complete service.

With a team of project managers on hand we will take care of all budget management and provide regular reports of your project’s process. We also manage radio detection and detailed mapping of underground services and Dial-Before-You-Dig reports.

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Administrative Services

We provide a comprehensive service to our clients, so that all project requirements are scoped and inevitably met.

To ensure all projects are seamless we provide:

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Thrust boring machine provided by Courtsea - Courtsea Pty Ltd Howard Springs, NT

Horizontal Directional Drilling

We utilise horizontal directional drilling as it is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of installing utility services.

Our team can install water, gas, electrical, communications and sewer lines without the need for open-cut trenches. This service is particularly useful in highways, paths, driveways and across roads, including river crossings.

We have the machinery to complete directional drilling to your requirements.

Thrust Boring Darwin

At Courtsea, we have the machinery and expertise to provide case and thrust boring services.

This method is often used when installing steel pipe casings under an existing surface where a risk of collapse has been identified. Often, thrust boring has to be utilised when the grade is critical and not sufficient to utilise other methods.

Thrust boring is an extremely effective method of boring under roads and sensitive areas as it does not displace surrounding materials.

Underground Boring - Courtsea Pty Ltd in Katherine NT

Underground Boring

We have the knowledge and years of experience to provide underground boring and under road boring services.

When installing cabling, pipes, and conduits under surfaces, underground boring has to be utilised.

Rock Trenching & Drilling

Courtsea has a range of trenchers that can cut various widths to fit small and large pipelines for your residential, commercial or industrial project.

Our team often utilises rock trenching for projects near roads and other utilities as it is much neater and doesn’t disturb the ground or surrounding environment as much as traditional trenching.

Rock trenching is a cleaner, more controlled and faster method of cutting through rock. It is also more efficient as the by-product caused by trenching can often be re-used as backfill, which saves time and money.

Kobelco Excavator on site - Courtsea in Darwin, NT

Civil Construction

Our team is capable of small and large-scale civil construction projects.

We have a hands-on approach to delivery of work to ensure we meet and exceed our client’s expectations. We specialise in all areas of utility construction and installation.

The civil construction services we provide are supported by state-of-the-art machinery and staff expertise. This allows us to deliver the best solution for every project we undertake.

Some of our projects have been Darwin Airport, RAAF & Navy Bases, Power and Water, APA Gas, Inpex and various mine-site such as Gemco and Groote Island

Our services include:

Utility Location

Before you start work make sure you contact us for a Dial-Before-You-Dig report and utility location service.

We utilise a ground penetrating radar (GPR) to locate utility applications including pipes, water, gas, power, conduits, communication wires, fibre optics and septic tanks.

The GPR is the most effective tool in the detection of utilities. It is less invasive than digging and acts as a visual aid in the diagnosis of potential project problems.

We can also locate utilities using radio location and by the exposure of the lines through vacuum excavation.

Thrust boring machine provided by Courtsea - Courtsea Pty Ltd Howard Springs, NT

Utility Installation

At Courtsea, we facilitate the successful installation of various utilities.

We install cables requiring to be buried, ploughed, terminated, jointed or tested. We can also install pipes to grade, gravity sewer pipes, rising mains, optical fibre hauling and jointing.

Our team uses horizontal directional drilling, boring and excavation to trench and get the site ready for the installation.

Excavation Services

We’ll shift, move and grade the earth to meet your requirements. We use quality excavation machinery and equipment to meet our client’s needs.

Our team provides non-destructive vacuum excavation around existing telecommunication, sewer, water, and gas lines. This allows us to expose infrastructure without damaging it.

Traditional open trench excavation and multiple conduit excavation is also available. We take care to locate utilities before commencing any excavation work. Our site and design plans are detailed to ensure the success of every project.

Courtsea Branding On Excavator Equipment
Ditch Witch All Terrain directional drill used on site - Darwin

Site Surveying

The team at Courtsea has the equipment to provide detailed site surveys, including mapping underground services, before project commencement.

Knowing the land you are working on and the existing infrastructure is vital for a smooth project. With the data obtained from a site survey we can help create a suitable plan for your project.

Our site survey will also include feasibility reporting and estimation of costs and time required to perform the proposed plans.


We also offer Poly Fusion from 63mm to 180mm

180mm Poly Fusion - Courtsea Pty Ltd Darwin NT