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Courtsea has the right equipment for your drilling, excavation or civil construction project.

Our modern fleet is made up of equipment that is well maintained to ensure we can deliver on full project scopes. We have fully licensed operators that are ready to get to work on your site.

We are dedicated to completing all projects safely, on time and within budget. Our rates are competitive, and our work is of the highest level.

Get in touch to book our services and let us make use of our state-of-the-art drilling equipment.

Thrust boring machine provided by Courtsea - Courtsea Pty Ltd Howard Springs, NT

Ditch Witch All Terrain 30x20

The Ditch Witch All Terrain 30×20 performs all functions with more power and greater stability than other directional drills.

With a 160-gross-hp (119-kW), Tier 4i engine, this machine has the most powerful engine in its class. This power will greatly enhance your overall productivity.

This all terrain machine is equipped with 24,800 lb (110 kN) of thrust and 30,000 lb (133 kN) of pullback force for efficient installation in tough soils. The heavy-duty anchor system will allow you to stake down the JT30 in solid rock and push or pull with full machine thrust.

Better machine stability while drilling means a quick and more productive bore.

Ditch Witch All Terrain directional drill used on site - Darwin
Excavator - HD Drilling in Howard Springs, NT

Vermeer Series 2 Navigator D80X100

The Vermeer Series 2 navigator D80x100 was designed for the operator’s comfort and efficient use.

This machine features a state-of-the-art operator’s station and dual joystick controls. It can deliver 10,000 ft-lb (13,558.2 Nm) of rotational torque and 80,000 lb (36,287.4 kg) of thrust and pullback force. With such power we can perform a wide range of bores in difficult ground conditions using this machine.

The D80x100 also increases back-reaming efficiency and power to downhole mud motors with its 200 hp (149.1 Kw) John Deere diesel engine and 150 gpm (567.8 L/min) or 200 gpm (757.1 L/min) onboard pump.

Vermeer Series 2 Navigator 36X50

The Vermeer Series 2 Navigator 36×50 is a mid-sized drill that has big features.

This piece of machinery has the highest power-to-size ratio in its class and is powered by an impressive 140 hp (104 Kw) engine. This mid-sized machine delivers 4928 ft-lb (6681 Nm) of rotary torque and 33,000 lb (14,969 kg) of thrust with 36,000 lb (16,329 kg) of pullback.

It is the perfect machine for accessing congested areas as it has a narrowly designed rack and pinion. This machine will successfully perform a wide range of medium diameter, mid-to-long distance utility installations.

Excavator - HD Drilling in Howard Springs, NT