Site clearing & excavation Darwin

Drillpower NT is a subsidiary company of Courtsea that was created to support our customers with excavation services.

We noticed that our customers were using various contractors and were calling on multiple teams to complete each job. Having seen this happen, we decided to expand and offer a comprehensive package including earthmoving and excavation.

Since our establishment, we have grown and widened our service area to include the entire Northern Territory as well as north of Western Australia and western Queensland.

Our excavating contractors have a wealth of experience in the industry and complete all works including:

Get in touch to arrange the excavation or earthmoving for your project.

Survey - HD Drilling in Howard Springs, NT

Site Clearing

Get your site ready for project commencement with the help of our clearing services. We utilise modern equipment and machinery including a skidsteer loader and excavators to complete small to medium clearing tasks.

Previously, we have cleared sites for electrical installations and power lines. We’ve also cleared land for sites where clear access is required.

Our team has the expertise and equipment to complete a full site clearing and preparation service.

Survey - HD Drilling in Howard Springs, NT

Detailed Excavation

At Drillpower NT, we can complete more precise excavating jobs for pad footings, trenches and substation infrastructure with our detailed excavation service. We are specialists in areas specific to the electrical engineering field.

These types of projects require more finesse and are often suited to smaller excavators. With smaller machines we not only reach areas with limited access, but also provide accurate results on even the most detailed project.

Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum excavation is commonly used to identify the depth of a utility and safely expose it. This method eliminates possible line damage and trench cave-ins as all workers stay on the surface.

There are two possible types of vacuum excavation: air and hydro. Hydro vacuum excavation involves uncovering underground utilities using water under high pressure with a high-speed vacuum. This method is fast and is the most efficient type of vacuum excavation.

Air vacuum excavation uses compressed air to disturb soil which is then vacuumed into a debris tank. This method will safely expose utilities and allows for the dry materials to be used as backfill.